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Rainy Days

Top 5 Reasons I Love Rainy Days

1. Forced relaxation.  No guilt, no pressure.  The rain is coercing me into spending time not running around the world as if being chased by a hoard of killer bees.

2. Pillowed thoughts.  Rain gives every problem or pondering a rose colored place to sit in your mind. Its so much easier to think when its raining.  “I hate my job”. Rain…rain….rain…drop…drop…drop.  “My job is making me into this unhappy being wherein I am

3. Puddles.  Nothing like a good splash to make one feel alive.  Nothing like being splashed by someone to make one crabby.  Or at least pretend to be crabby.

4. Car wash.  Spend 10 dollars on soap and water to wash your car?  Or like nature take its course and at least make you a little less embarrassed of your dust covered vehicle until you can make it to the real thing.

5. Coffee shops. Is it me or do coffee shops take on an  aura of Paris during rainstorms.  It makes you just want to hunker down and write a letter to someone that has been brewing in your mind for a year…or maybe two.


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