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What if you worked for a job for a year and during that year you were happy, you were paid well and able to live comfortably and stably. But then something happened and you lost your job and felt stressed, a sense of loss and confusion. What if at this point you said to yourself—why did that job happen? Why did I have to work and get paid for that year of work for nothing?

We go through life trying to protect ourselves from pain. We try and only invest in things that are a “sure bet” or an easy win.

Yet, the sweetest moments in life happen when you don’t have a plan, when you lose, when you learn, when you love unconditionally often when someone doesn’t deserve it. And yet after many say “I wish I could take that wasted time back”. But just as the job clothes you and kept you fed, so did that lost relationship.

It fed your heart. It warmed your soul. And for whatever time–taught you.

Don’t regret investing in someone. Don’t regret what you’ve experienced. It was for that time–worth it. 20140602-232537-84337315.jpg


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