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Someday I Want To….

I came up with a little game I like to play.  Its called “Someday I Want To”.  Its an easy game…yet somehow really profound.   It has an interesting way of taking down peoples’ defenses and making you be truly open.  So here goes an excerpt from an actual “Someday I Want To” conversation:

Me: Let’s play a game.

Him: Ok, what is it?

Me: Its called “Someday I want To”.

Him: (insert nervous silence here)

Me: Someday I want to vacation on a houseboat on the ocean for two weeks at least.

Him: (insert relieved response here)

Me: Ok! Now its your turn.

Him: Someday I want to…someday I want to…someday I want to…be married with a family.

Me: (insert wide eyes here)

Him: (expressions changes….he looks at me… its my turn to be nervous)

(Insert W.T.G conversation here) (ie. “Where is this going”)

WARNING: Please take caution with this game.  It can be charming, intimate, and all around get someone to tell you what they really want.  But be advised. Start out slow.  I would recommend travel.

Happy playing.


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