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Wedding Stages: Tales from a Bridesmaid.

Weddings, Bridesmaids Dresses and Why 30 is Perfect…Finally

Weddings come in waves. During your early twenties you have a wave of your brave, impetuous friends who have been either dating the love of their life since they were thirteen or simply can’t wait until after college to profess their love in white. These bridesmaids’ dresses are soft, manageable and affordable. The weddings are fast, full of laughter and over before you know it and then afterwards you go and crash at someone’s apartment and watch movies late into the night as your wedded friends leave in a dented Ford Mustang with tinted windows.

During your mid twenties weddings come in waves. Your friends who’ve graduated from college and gotten their first grown up job and start packing their lunches and wearing Oxford blue shirts to work with khaki pants. Then one night they get engaged at the fancy restaurant downtown and upload the hand/ring/”I’m engaged!” picture to Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.   These bridesmaid’s dresses are from the expensive wedding shop and your eyes get wide as you click on the link to the “My Bridesmaid’s” page on Facebook. And then you measure yourself and curse that French bakery you’ve been getting coffee and a scone before work everyday.

After these weddings you are exhausted but go out bowling with the wedding party because there is that one really cute groomsmen that you’re not positive but you thought he was about to ask you out at the reception. Your newly married friends leave in a brand new Toyota Camry with writing on the windows.

And in your thirties, weddings come in spurts. These weddings make you happy, the set up stories and quick engagement and moving across the country and pondering the past and talking with your girlfriends about how doesn’t it all make sense that it didn’t work out with ____________ (insert ex boyfriends’ names here). These weddings come fast and the bridesmaid’s dresses are more forgiving with room for pregnancies and post baby weight. These dresses are the most difficult because all your friends are in different stages of life. Some of the single bridesmaids wear stilettos as if to say “I’ve still got it, I promise” and the pregnant ones wear modest flats. It’s a fashion free for all.

At these weddings everyone is happy. No one is scared that they’re too young, not done with college or broke. No one is afraid that the job won’t work out or the student loans are about to come due. Everyone is breathing a sigh of relief that they don’t have to watch another boyfriend/girlfriend cycle through the friend group or hear another story about the one that got away. Friends, parents, exes, in laws. Everyone says, “finally”.

After these weddings everyone goes home. They get ice cream. They sit with loved ones and think about how sometimes the bumpy roads smooth out just in time.

These newly married friends leave in their well-worn just paid off cars, with a dent on the side, but with a freedom not tasted before. Finally.


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