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Light Bulb.

Quiet that leads to revelation.

For some reasons I can think better in rental cars. And hotel rooms.  I’m not sure why.  Its almost as if the clutter we build up in our lives is a barrier from our own thoughts.  So you can imagine then that as I was speeding down Interstate 37 from Indianapolis to Bloomington in a Honda Civic that smelled oddly like a truck driver and has stickers all over it that I had a light bulb moment.

The light bulb moment was a question I had been pondering for months.  And as I let the quiet of the strange car and unfamiliar road overtake me, I finally could think clearly.  I could hear God’s voice and finally knew something clearly.

We spend so much time among the stuff of our lives.  We dabble in the details and churn in the day-to-day problems.  But when we can go somewhere away, have a moment to breathe, be among strangers where the conversation of your heart, soul, mind and spirit can find some unity in the silence.

Light bulb moments are precious.  So my question of the day is: how can I create the type of space in my life where there is quiet, space for those illuminating moments? No rental car required.


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