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Crooked Roads

There are times when your life is a crooked road. One that you can only seen the bend in the road directly in front of you, then when you reach the bend and make the curve, you hope to see a change or a straightening but only seem to find another crook.

You have two choices. You can stop moving and settle off the road in a comfortable place, ceasing to playing the game and stopping traveling the bends. Or you can decide to continue. And realize that these bends can’t last forever.

Then all of the sudden, usually right in the middle of a bend, when your eyes are focused on where you are—focused on the road in front of you—the bends cease and straighten out and you can see the horizon. You can see the landscape and shade your eyes from the sun to see miles ahead of you.

And you think back and reflect: I’m glad I didn’t stop in that winding road. I’m glad I didn’t give up. And maybe all along the bends were preparing me for this road.


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