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Waiting and Other Things I Think I’m Really Good At

Do you ever plan your drive to work on coffee time?  You know-you leave the house 4 1/2 minutes early so you can stop for coffee.  In actuality you’ll need 12 1/2 minutes.  But mostly because there’s a Ford Escape in front of you in the drive through who is ordering a “grande Mocha Frap, extra whip” for about 16 people in their office.

Then there is that big decision, do I wait for this drive through bottleneck or do I just get to work?

Should I wait?

Waiting and I have had a tumultuous relationship since the beginning.  I am what is known as (I’m just coming up with this now) a faux patient person.  I feign patience in the coffee line just like I feign patience in my own life waiting on certain aspects of life to kick in or begin again. And though my body may look serene there is an ocean wave of salty, sandy impatience pushing me forward into action.

Here’s the rub: life doesn’t work like a line for coffee.  Sometimes something I “order” isn’t ready or time must move it along.  And so I’m forced to wait in life’s line.

When to wait and when to take action is the single most difficult decision I have ever made and continue to make in my life.

Often my frame of reference comes from the lives of people around me. Did they wait for life to make decisions? Did they take action too early? Did they miss something because they were too impatient?

But there is waiting and there is being afraid. And when the rain of the right timing dries on the leaves of your life what you’re left with is just the memory of its lovely feeling, smell and rightness.

The only thing to do while waiting is to hone your instincts. To know that thing so well that when the timing is right you have little doubt. You know because you’ve been preparing, packing, dusting and making space for it while you waited.


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