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Do’s and Don’t of being a Tourist and Other Tales From Europe

If you’ve ever been standing in the Louvre looking at the Mona Lisa and had people push and step on you to use their selfie stick it may make you want to join the French wait staff and roll your eyes and say “touriste” in disgust.

On this European adventure there’s a few dos and dont’s that I’ve noticed to avoid being reduced to a stereotype.

1. Do have as much amazing coffee and pastries as you want because you will have all the walking to burn it off! Heaven!

2. Don’t ask European wait staff for things that they don’t have- and isn’t apart of their culture. Demanding ice or some condiment not common in Europe and being annoyed when they don’t have it is… uncouth. You’re on a different continent- embrace the differences. 

3. Do wear nice clothes. Underarmour is okay for the gym or Target on a Saturday- but look around at the Italian men in their dark pants and loose button down shirts- classy! Leave the Jordan shorts at home. 

4. Don’t push. Just don’t. Not to see Picasso’s self portrait or the Sistine Chapel or Michaelangelo’s Hercules. Just wait- you’ll be in front eventually. Pushing changes the atmosphere to one of stress instead of artistic reflection. 

5. Do smile- French and Italians don’t hate Amecicans- but they often have a guard up. Smile and let the walls of culture fall down. 


4 Comments on Do’s and Don’t of being a Tourist and Other Tales From Europe

  1. All very excellent advice … great list

  2. All very good advice…. Great little list

  3. Jack-thanks so much!

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