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5:00AM Prayer: Conquering the Cranky

5:00AM was blinking in my bleary eyes.  My body was telling me to ignore it, to pass through thoughts back to sleep. Yet, a voice, oh so still, was prodding me awake, almost like a gentle mother trying to sweetly wake up her crabby children.  I blinked, sat up.  I knew God was calling me to prayer.

I reluctantly slid to my knees by my bed.  And as my will was clashing against my spirit a voice interrupted my thoughts.  I had been mentally grumbling about waking up so early when I heard, “if you took the time you spent worrying about problems during the day and spent that time in prayer instead…what would be the result?”.

Now I was wide awake.

My mind’s eye reflected over the past day.  What I spent my time worrying about, what problems did I mentally bang my head against the wall about? If I added up the minutes, tallied them like points on a scoreboard, would it equal a few minutes?  I shuddered…or would it equal an hour?

And then the reality of what God had spoke to me began to take root.

My worried thoughts, my stressful ponderings all were time that I was pouring out over the day’s scorched ground instead of being poured out to the Lord.

And as with any lightbulb moment, or moment of correction from the Lord, I have only to put the learning into practice. Its time for me to do a check-up.  Today I’m being mindful, being aware of when I spin my thoughts like a merry-go-round over a problem and when I take it to the Lord in prayer.


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