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The Lemon Streets of Seville

Traveling is all about your senses.  Your eyes are always the most experienced and changed by the sights of faraway places.  But when you amble off of the plane, train or bus (or possibly all three) and you walk up the cobblestoned streets…close your eyes. What do you hear; what do you smell?  Soaking up the atmosphere and learning through other senses deepens the experience and connects you to places in an unforgettable way.

On my most recent trip, we trained, flew and ran across Spain. It was a very busy trip, full of new sights.  We had already explored Barcelona and Granada when it was time to board the train and head to another place.

When we arrived in Sevilla it was raining, we were starving after eating only Bueno bars on the train.  We were all looking at our Airbnb beds with longing, wondering if sleep at this point was more fun than running around another new city.  We somehow managed to pull it together and venture out into the cobblestoned streets of one of Spain’s oldest cities. It was late, and the recent rain left a glow on the stone of the streets and fountains.

I closed my eyes.  I listened as the rain began again.  All the sudden I heard a loud crack-and I looked to see a taxi running over what I thought was a can.  But suddenly the strong sweet smell of lemon filled the air.  I realized that we were surrounded by lemon trees.  And as the rain fell, the heavy ripened lemons strained with the weight and fell to the road and the taxis would run over them. We walked along the street surrounded by the lemon scented streets. And through my tiredness, through my thoughts of what would meet me when I got home, worries about life, somehow that moment was like a decade.  A decade of perfection.

So if you ever find yourself in Sevilla,  I hope it’s raining and I hope the lemons are in season.  The rain will run down the streets and bring you a flood of hope for your future and for the surety you have in what God is doing in your life.


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