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The Sparkle

Yesterday , I woke up exhausted.   A weekend full of adventure, hard work and not enough sleep had drained me.   I stumbled toward the bathroom and washed my face, grabbed my coconut face lotion and gently applied it.  I used my ring finger beneath my eyes, because according to about 167 beauty blogs it’s your weakest finger and therefore applies the smallest amount of pressure on your most delicate skin.

I looked in the mirror again, still tired looking.  I went and got dressed, feet freezing on the stone floors of my bathroom.  Maybe when I wake up more my face will have that, glow, or sparkle I used to have.  But no, after I was dressed, hair done, keys in had, still a tired look in my eyes.  But I know the  sparkle isn’t gone…it’s just ready to be built up again.  Age or circumstance does not dictate it.  Its deeper than that.

A few friends and I have named this mysterious glowy look,  sparkle.  And we are on a quest to figure it out.   It has nothing to do with makeup or fake eyelashes, that’s just an attempt to recreate or fake the true sparkle.  All the mascara in the world can’t duplicate this sparkle.

To define it is to tell all my stories, to hear all of yours and to somehow encapsulate that in a petri dish of life and say—that’s it.  That experience or person or time of life was my most happy or confident.  And the overflow of that happiness spilled over my face and softened the harshness of life.  

The answer isn’t youth or genetics. Because I’ve seen the sparkle in the faces of the very mature, and in the most unlikely places.  

The sparkle can be explained by a few different things but not be contained on one page.  It would take years to understand and even more to master.  But here are some of the observations about sparkle that I’ve found.

Passion.  The glimmer of it shows on your face when you are doing something that truly makes you come alive.  For me it could be stepping off a train into a new city or teaching someone something that makes their eyes light up with new understanding.  Being passionate about things you spend your time doing makes every step or “To Do” list seem  more manageable, and makes it a labor of love.

Confidence.  When you feel at ease in what you are doing.  Peace that where you are is right where God wants you whether it’s perfect or not.  You know this is your purpose.  That peace of the Lord sends particles of heaven into your eyes.  The spirit of the Lord lights up your face in a way that no earthly thing can do.  It’s supernatural.

Faith.  When you believe.  When you believe that what is happening to you is ordered. When you know that every physical step you take is forwarding you to your answered prayers, your destiny and you believe, in spite of circumstance, that you’re on your way.

Health.  You feel good.  You are getting sleep and the rest you need to take on challenges.   It may not be perfect…but you are taking care of yourself physically and emotionally. Even if it’s just 5 minutes of a brain break or emotional check up. You feel rejuvenated because of it.  And this type of healthful feeling has to be planned, planned relaxation, planned nights at home with the windows open and soft music playing.  

Proactivity. Your creativity has energy to flow. You have thought ahead. You’ve planned to have a creative day, you’ve cleaned the house on Thursday so on Friday you have time to sit at your table and draw or write or spend time with someone that fills you with hope for your dreams.  

Love. You give love and receive love in the ways that complete you and your loved ones.  You explain what you need to those around you.  I need quality time, I plan quality time with them instead of them to magically read my mind and know what I want.  I do little things to make sure my loved ones feel loved and cared for.  I take the time to know me and know them.

Fun.  You take time to laugh, to notice the funny things in the world and in your day to day life.  

Determination.  You are determined to be at peace no matter your circumstance.  Your fear dies daily in prayer. Your stress gets laid at the altar.  Your hope is in Him and not everything being perfect.  Your treasure is where your heart is.

Maintaining your sparkle isn’t a job description, but living your life and making choices that fill your life’s cup creates an overflow that shows, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Things might not be perfect, but I still know my purpose.  I know that I might have had a tired day yesterday, but I reset, I took the time to figure out what I was missing and woke up the next morning with a new glow, a new hope and it was ready to spill out into my day.


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